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21st Century Learning

In Deer River, we have a history and reputation of using technology as a tool to improve how we teach, improve our students' ability to learn, and give our students access to opportunities and skills they will need in their future. As a district, our approach is to lead with quality instruction, based on a research-based instructional framework, and enhance that instruction with technology. To do this, our teachers work every day to answer the question: "How can I help this child learn what she needs to know and be able to do in a 21st century way?" 

Technology Belief Statement
"We believe that 21st century knowledge and the use of technology are imperative for the members of our district to become creative producers in an ever-changing world. To accomplish this, technology needs to be infused in all aspects of the educational process. Deer River Schools will combine 21st century curriculum, instruction, assessment, and resources with technology-enhanced environments to improve information and communication literacy, thinking and problem-solving skills, and technological aptitude."

Goals of Technology Utilization
-Raise student achievement through individualized learning experiences
-Increase engagement and excitement for learning
-Equip students with collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking skills
-Encourage students to communicate locally and globally

Teacher & Student


The International Society for Technology in Education has established a set of technology standards for students called the National Education Technology Standards for Students (NETS-S). These standards include ensuring students can:

  • Demonstrate creativity and innovation

  • Communicate and collaborate

  • Conduct research and use information

  • Think critically, solve problems, and make decisions

  • Use technology effectively and productively


Click here to learn about Deer River (Kindergarten- 5th Grade) technology goals. 

Click here to read the latest Worlds Best Workforce report.

Computer Tutorials


Some of the work influencing our practice in Deer River Schools includes:

  • The Partnership for 21st Century Skills: The Partnership for 21st Century Skills has developed a framework that establishes content and skills in the following areas:

    • Core subjects and 21st Century Themes

    • Learning and Innovation Skills

    • Information, Media, and Technology Skills

    • Life and Career Skills

  • The Seven Survival skills identified by Tony Wagner and discussed in his book The Global Achievement Gap.  They include:

    • Critical thinking and problem solving

    • Collaboration across networks and leading by influence

    • Agility and adaptability

    • Initiative and entrepreneurship

    • Effective oral and written communication

    • Accessing and analyzing information

    • Curiosity and imagination

  • The Five Cs identified by David Houle in his book Shift Ed

    • Creativity

    • Collaboration

    • Critical Thinking

    • Content - create, source, access, reuse, manipulate...

    • Context - understanding and using the context that information comes in

Girl with Tablet


Some of the tools available in Deer River Schools for student and teacher use:

  • iPad pilots in 7th grade, 9th grade, Special Education, King Elementary, and PreSchool

  • SMART boards in 90% of all classrooms

  • Mobile carts with MacBooks

  • Classroom Response devices

  • Cisco TelePresence immersive video technology

  • iPod touches at King Elementary

  • Overall student to computer ratio of under 3:1

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