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-Spring Break Announcement 4-13-2022 

-Public Health Update 4-8-2022


-Public Health Update 3-15-22

-Public Health Update 3-4-2022


-Public Health Update 2-15-2022


-New Year Notice 01-01-2022

-Health Services Notice 11-23-2021


-Public Health Update 11-01-21

-Information for COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic 10-29-21


-Notice of High School Classes Resuming 10-25-21

Family Notice of High School Closure 10-15-21

-Family Notice of Mitigation Strategies 10-6-21


-Health Services Notice 9-29-21


-Safe Schools Plan Summer 2021 


-Summer Program Notice 6.2.21


-Health Services Update 5.14.21


-Modified Learning Model & Calendar Recommendation

-School Closure Notice 5.5.21


-Deer River Case Notice 5.3.21


-Deer River COVID Statistics 4.30.21


-Deer River Case Notices 4.29.21


-DRHS Case Notice 4.26.21


-Health Services Notice 4.22.21


-COVID Statistics 4.16.21


-King First Grade Closure Notice 4.16.21


-King Classroom Case Notification 4.12.21


-Health Services Notice 4.12.21


-Vaccine Opportunity Notice 4.5.21


-Health Service Notice 3.29.21


-HS Health Office Notice 3.22.2021


-12th Grade Class Case Follow-Up 3.15.21


-6th Grade Class Case Follow-Up 3.11.21


-King Classroom Case Notification 3.10.2021

-Vaccination and Testing News


Deer River Learning Model Change Notice

-HS Classroom Case Notification 1.15.21

-King Classroom Case Notification 1.7.2021

-King Classroom Case Notification 11-30-2020

-HS Staff Case Notification 11.13.2020

-Emergency Closure Follow Up 11.10.2020

-HS Classroom Case Notification 11.4.2020

-HS Classroom Case Notification 10.12.2020

-King Staff Case Notification 10.7.2020

-High School Case Notification 10.1.2020

-King Classroom Case Notification 9.29.2020

-King Classroom Case Notification 9.25.2020

-Quarantine Notice Example - Student 

Happy Masks
Student with Mask
Young Girl with Mask
Teenage Girls with Masks
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