• 2011 Deer River-Northland Track and Field Hand Book



Leadership and poise ...   We expect this from our athletes.  We are creating roll models for the communities and schools of Deer River and Northland High School.  Our athletes commit themselves to becoming better people before they become better runners. 


Goals ... We believe that it is important for each individual to set personal goals that they hope to attain this season.


Improvement ... Our program’s goal is for you to improve from year to year, meet to meet.  What are you going to do to accomplish this?


Winning ... We believe that whatever event that you compete in, you are a winner.  There are too many people that never have the courage to compete.  You are winners for just being a part of our program.  Winners see the bigger picture, to achieve when it matters most and realize what it is going to take to be a winner.


Confidence ... Success is perception.  To believe that you will succeed whenever you step into the ring, onto the runway, or on the track is confidence.  To believe that you are the best and that you will do and give anything to be the best builds you as an individual and the program, and the school.  Be confident.  Run, throw, and jump as if ever




Sacrifice ...   As an athlete, you are going to have to make sacrifices.  To be a member of our program you will have to make sacrifices in diet, attitude, time, school work, and dedication. 


Dedication ...  We expect dedication to the program.  Success comes to the athletes that are the most dedicated, even if they are not the first place finisher.  Dedication shows during the season, but most of all, in the off-season


Team ...   We are a team!  The last runner is as important to the team as the first runner.  Treat each other as such.  We need everyone to believe in each other, respect each other, and push each other to reach the goals that we have set for our program. 



Athletes, we are excited that you have decided to be a part of the track and field program.  We hope that you take every opportunity to find those events that are your strengths, but are willing to participate in some that challenge and stretch you.   It is our desire that at the end of the season that you are able to say that you are better at your events than when you started the year and that you had fun.

Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines

Training Rules:

  •  State High School League Rules
  • The coaches strongly recommend that athletes get a good nights rest before all meets and want to stress the importance of getting enough sleep and rest while you are in training.         


  • Commit to the program.  We will always practice after school at 3:30, unless the coach calls it off.  This, however, will not happen often. You are expected to attend every practice.
  • Dress for the weather.  Dress in layers, you can always take clothes off.  You will eventually need a hat and a pair of thin gloves (a pair of socks works well).  This is important.  We will often practice outside, even in cold weather.
  • All members must wear a tank top or a tee shirt when you practice.  No male runner can practice without a shirt and no female runner can wear just a sports bra during practice.  (this is a Minnesota State High School League rule)
  • Jewelry can be worn at practice, but you are encouraged to not have any on.  You will not be allowed to have any jewelry during competitions. If it is seen, you will be disqualified.  Covering any piercing with a band-aid will not be allowed.
  • If you miss two practices in the week preceding a meet, you will not run the next meet.  In case of illness, you will need the extra rest and training.  Exceptions will be made for family emergencies and/or church related activities.  Excused absences follow the guidelines set by the school district.
  • If you have to miss a practice, as a matter of courtesy, please personally notify the coach before you miss.  DO NOT HAVE A FRIEND CHECK IN FOR YOU! It will be treated as an unexcused absence.
  • You are expected to follow the workout schedule put out by the coaches.  You are expected to finish all workouts to the best of your ability.  Work Hard!  We do not look down on working so hard that you cannot finish a workout.  We can tell when you work hard.
  • If you skip a workout, or cut it short because for any reason other than physical, medical, or prior arrangement, you will not attend the next meet.  If this happens more than once, you will be asked to turn in your uniform and sweats
  • We may have morning practices if there are too many conflicts to have practice that afternoon.           

  • Alcohol, drugs, and tobacco are absolutely prohibited.  If you are found with any of these items on the bus, you will immediately be removed from the team.
  • Athletes will wear their school-issued uniforms at all meets and will not change until we return home from the meet.  You will receive uniforms at the beginning of the season.  You are responsible for your uniform.  
  • All athletes are expected to stay until the end of the track meet.  We are a team, cheer on your teammates.  Let your parents know that you have to stay until the end of the meet so that it isn’t a surprise when they find out when they are at the meet.
  • Each athlete must supply her own track spikes and running shoes.  Spikes for your shoes will be provided by the program.
  • Tee shirts or long sleeve tee shirts are allowed under your race tops.  These have to match your uniform. Relay teams have to have the same color tights and/or t-shirts.  
  • Dress for the weather.  Dress in layers, you can always take clothes off.  You will need a hat and a pair of thin gloves (a pair of socks works well) at the beginning of the season for outdoor practices.  Always bring clothes to cover your arms and legs.  This will help you conserve energy between races by blocking the sun.  
  • The Minnesota State High School League bans the wearing of jewelry while competing.  If an official sees any jewelry on you during or after a race, you will be disqualified.  These include belly button, tongue, eyebrow, nose, and ear piercing. Any piercing that can be covered up by clothing is fine, as long as it stays covered up.
  • Find shade, this will also help your performance.  
  • Stay off your legs when possible.  The less horseplay, the better you will perform.
  •  No jewelry, no footballs, soccer balls, hacky sacks, or Frisbees allowed at meets.
  •  Home Track Meets – junior high athletes will be expected to help at the Senior High Meets, and senior high athletes will be expected to help at the Junior High Meets.
  •  If you are sick, you will not go to the meets.  One reason is so you can get healthy. Second, so you do no get others sick.  


Warming up / Cooling down
  •  You are expected to warm-up as a team.  Start prior to the meet; jog two laps and stretch as a team, before reporting to the first events.  Then again, warm-up (jog and stretch) at least 20-30 minutes before your race starts with your teammates participating in that event.  You should have a good mile of warm-up as well as stretching in before the gun sounds.  You should be sweating before you step up to the starting line, runway, or into the throwing ring. You will also follow the stretching routine that you will use in practice to get ready to run. If you have another event, you should stay warm and begin warming up again to prepare as you did for the first.   
  • After your individual event, you will also cool down as a team.  You will jog at least a quarter-mile (half if it is your last event) and stretch your legs and back before you are done for the day.  

A person that knows how to win should know how to lose.  A loss should not be a time to blame anybody, but should be an indication that extra effort must be made to correct and improve both individual and team effort.  Win and lose with grace, congratulate your competitors on a good race. 

  • The coaches will choose this year’s captains.  The duties of the captains include:  leading warm-ups and workouts, establishing the location for the team’s campsite at away meets, and acting as a mediator between the team and the coaches.

  • To letter, you must earn different levels of points based on the grade that you are in.
  •     10 points – Grade 7-9
  •     20 points – Grade 10-12
  • Regular season competitions - 1 point for each point scored with relay points split evenly
  • SubSection/Section/State Meets – 3 points for each point scored
  • True Team – 1 point (inverted) for each point scored. (ex. 24 competitors, you finish second, you get 23 points)
  • Seniors who have completed two consecutive years, have maintained good attendance, and have put forth a good effort will letter regardless of their point total.
  • Managers who have completed two consecutive years will letter for the second year and every year after they are part of the program.
  • Coach’s Discretion: The coaches will not award letters to anyone who does not finish the year or whose behavior is detrimental to team harmony or school spirit.  If you have any type of MN State High School League rules infraction during the season, you will not letter.  In the case of a season-ending injury, the coach may decide to adjust the lettering requirements.
  • MOST VALUABLE TRACK AND FIELD – This person is the most valuable athlete on the team.  They show leadership, hard work, dedication, and is successful on the track.  The athlete that receives the most points is strongly considered.
  • Note: this award may be split into most valuable track and most valuable field
  • WARRIOR AWARD – This award goes to the hardest worker or the fiercest competitor.  They show the most dedication, team spirit, team commitment, and do what ever is asked of them.
  • ROOKIE OF THE YEAR – Most valuable varsity athlete receiving her first letter.
  • MOST IMPROVED– Shows the most improvement from last season or from the beginning of this season to the end of the season.
  • Eat three good meals a day.  Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and watch the fast food and pop.  Proper food builds energy to keep you moving at top speed.  No JUNK FOOD or POP allowed on bus trips or track meets.
  • A BALANCED diet is best.  Pasta is a high-energy meal; your body needs carbohydrates to maintain in a race and in practice.  Also, eat meals with proteins.   They will help you get stronger.  
  • DRINK WATER!  Sodas, sport drinks are full of sugar.  You need to drink twice the amount of water to equal out your body from the amount of pop that you drink.
  • You are a reflection of the program and coaching staff. To show that we are a class program we will look classy.  Get attention from your running, not your clothing. It has been my experience that a well-groomed athlete tends to get the fans on his/her side, and gains respect from his/her opponents and other coaches.
  • The Minnesota State High School League bans the wearing of jewelry while competing.  Keep your hair neat and only natural color dyes.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather (always bring extra clothing, you never know when the weather will change.)
  • Wear team wear on days we have meets.
  • Wear team issued warm-ups and uniforms for meets. We are a team, look like it.
  • Athletes will not be allowed to change into “regular clothes” until after the bus arrives back at Deer River or Northland High School.  

  • No swearing, cussing, dirty jokes, only positive comments towards your teammates who may not be as gifted as you are.  This includes practice, meets, school, or the locker room.
  • Address teachers and coaches properly with Mr., Mrs., Ms. or Coach.    


Bus Trips: 
  • Alcohol, drugs, and tobacco are absolutely prohibited.  If you are found with any of these items on the bus, you will immediately be removed from the team.
  • Keep noise down.  Prepare for the meet.
  • Clean bus before we get off of it.
  • All runners ride the bus to and from meets.  Notes to ride home with your parents need to be given to the  coach BEFORE we leave the school. No radios except for personal walkman, CD players or MP3’s.
  • Dress appropriately with the weather.
  • Always bring clothes to cover your arms and legs.  This will help you conserve energy between races by blocking the sun.
  • Stopping after meets is up to the coaches.  Prepare yourself properly, bring healthy snacks.
  • Seats: Coaches will sit on the first seats on each side, then there will be a seat for our equipment.  Boys and Girls will not sit together on the bus.  Boys sit on one side of the bus, girls sit on the other.

•    Discipline:
  • In the event that a member violates the above expectations or displays other conduct that is not acceptable (in practice, during meets, or in the class room), the coaching staff and/or Athletic Director will deal with each case individually.  Consequences could range from a verbal warning to missing a meet to removal from the team, depending on the circumstances.
  • If you get a detention or in-school suspension, you will not be permitted to practice or participate in the meet for the day you are scheduled for that detention or in-school suspension.  If you get a detention twice or two In-school suspensions or a combination of the two, you will be asked to hand in you uniform and warm-ups.
  • Alcohol, drugs, and tobacco are absolutely prohibited.  If you are found with any of these items on the bus, you will immediately be removed from the team.


  • Coaches Discretion: The coach may have to adapt rules, allow for the change of rules, and may allow for the other unforeseen changes or adaptations.


  • WARNING: Track and Field can be dangerous if athletes do not train properly or follow the coach’s safety instructions.  For example, always face traffic when running, drink plenty of water, look before crossing the runways, track, and the shot or disc areas.  


  • You are held at a higher level than every other student at Deer River High.  You are expected to keep that high level. We will hold you to that level of excellence.  We have high expectations of you on the track or field, but most of all off.  You should have higher expectations for yourself than the ones we have of you.  Have a great season.  We coaches look forward to continuing the tradition of Warrior Track and Field and to take it to a new level.

Please detach, sign and return to your coach.

I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the above expectations for the duration of the 2011 season.

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