2/2/09 School Board Minutes 
written by matt grose   
tuesday, 10 march 2009 14:48

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FEBRUARY 2, 2009


The regular School Board meeting for Independent School District #317 was held February 2, 2009 at 6:00 PM in the Deer River High School Media Center. Chairperson Victor Williams called the meeting to order and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance. Members in attendance included: Anne Gardner, Lee Pederson, Brad Box, Sarah Bellefy, Nancy Adams-Hulbert and Victor Williams.


Administrators present included: Supt. Matt Grose, Carol Risberg, Business Manager, Brent Colligan, High School Principal, Amy Galatz, Elementary Principal and Sean Martinson, Activities Director. Newspaper reporter, Bob Barnacle was in attendance along with Paulette Ojanen, recorder.


Changes to the agenda: add items 6c4: Approve Resignation/Retirement of Betty Barnacle, 6c5: Approve Resignation/Retirement of Susan DeWitt, 6c6: Approve Resignation/Retirement of Jeannine Jensen, 6c7: Approve Resignation/Retirement of Marian Reasoner, 6c8: Approve Resignation of Dale Marleau as Softball Coach. Add to 6h:Additional Electronic Transfer on 1-7-09 of $55,876.14 from Woodland Bank to MSDLAF+ (MN School District Liquid Asset Fund). Motion to approve agenda as amended made by A. Gardner, seconded by B. Box. Motion carried unanimously. (MCU hereafter).


Kathy Pierce, Deer River Community Ed. Programmer and Sue Hoeft, Community Education Director from Grand Rapids reported to the board on the community education program, including class offerings and recent class attendance. They talked about Community Ed. Conferences and opportunities for everyone to get involved in various activities.


B. Box made the motion, seconded by L. Pederson to approve the January 5, 2009 minutes. MCU.


Motion to approve accounts payable/payroll for January 2009 in the amount of $1,128,845.05 made by N. Adams-Hulbert, seconded by S. Bellefy. MCU.


Motion to approve the Consent Agenda made by N. Adams-Hulbert, seconded by L. Pederson. MCU.

The Consent agenda was as follows:

1. Approve Resignation/Retirement of Peter Houdek

2. Approve Resignation/Retirement of Terri Houdek

3. Approve Resignation/Retirement of Dennis Peterson

4. Approve Resignation/Retirement of Betty Barnacle

5. Approve Resignation/Retirement of Susan DeWitt

6. Approve Resignation/Retirement of Jeannine Jensen

7. Approve Resignation/Retirement of Marian Reasoner

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