12/8/08 School Board Minutes 
written by matt grose   
wednesday, 10 december 2008 02:27




DECEMBER 8, 2008


The regular School Board meeting for Independent School District #317 was held December 8, 2008 at 6:00 PM in the High School Media Center.  Chairperson, Anne Gardner, called the meeting to order and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Members in attendance included: Anne Gardner, Victoria Jerry, Victor Williams, Lee Pederson and Nancy Adams-Hulbert.   Absent:  Todd Youngberg


Administrators present included:  Supt. Matt Grose, Carol Risberg, Business Manager, Amy Galatz, Elementary Principal, Brent Colligan, High School Principal, and Russ Bouchie, Building & Grounds Supervisor.  Newspaper reporter, Greg Lindahl was in attendance and Paulette Ojanen was present as recorder. 


Motion to approve agenda as presented made by N. Adams-Hulbert,  seconded by L. Pederson.   Motion carried unanimously.  (MCU hereafter.)


Mr. Grose explained the Winter Fest request from the Chamber of Commerce.  He recommended the district allow the Chamber of Commerce to use the school facilities at no charge due to the fact that it is a community wide event and the school is a member of the Chamber of Commerce.  Also the custodian time will be scheduled so as to minimize any extra cost.  Motion to waive the building use fee for the Winter Fest was made by V. Williams, seconded by N. Adams-Hulbert. MCU.


Motion to approve minutes from the November 3 and November 10, 2008 Board meetings was made by N. Adams-Hulbert seconded by V. Jerry.  MCU.


V. Jerry  made the motion, seconded by N. Adams-Hulbert to approve the Accounts Payable/Payroll for November 2008 in the amount of $1,031,804.04   MCU.


Motion to approve items on the consent agenda as listed below made V. Williams , seconded by N. Adams-Hulbert.  MCU.

1.            Approve Surrogate Parent Request

2.            Approve Revised Contract- Kim Tillman, Parent Educator, ECFE Coordinator


Motion to approve changes to Policy 205 and Policy 404 by V. Williams, seconded by L. Pederson. MCU.


A Resolution Authorizing Issuance of Certificates of Election and Directing School District Clerk to

Perform Other Election Related Duties was read by A. Gardner.  Motion to approve this resolution was

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