10/13/08 School Board Minutes 
written by matt grose   
thursday, 13 november 2008 13:59

OCTOBER 13, 2008

The regular School Board meeting for Independent School District #317 was held October 13, 2008 at 6:00 PM in the North School Library. Chairperson, Anne Gardner, called the meeting to order and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Members in attendance included:  Anne Gardner, Victoria Jerry, Victor Williams, Todd Youngberg and Lee Pederson.  Absent:  Nancy Adams-Hulbert.

Administrators present included:  Supt. Matt Grose, Carol Risberg, Business Manager, Amy Galatz, Elementary Principal, Brent Colligan, High School Principal, Russ Bouchie, Building and Grounds Supervisor and  Sean Martinson Activities Director.  Newspaper reporter, Greg Lindahl was in attendance and Paulette Ojanen was present as recorder.  

Changes to agenda:  Delete item 6c11, add item 4b: Annual Report on Curriculum, Instruction and Student  Achievement.  Add item 6n: Baseball Trip Proposal – Info only.  Motion to approve agenda as amended made by T. Youngberg, seconded by V. Williams.   Motion carried unanimously.  (MCU hereafter.)

Mr. Grose explained the Accelerated Reader Update report as prepared by Marilee Taylor.

Mrs. Galatz explained the Annual Curriculum, Instruction and Student Achievement Report for the 2007-08 School Year.  Motion to accept the report as presented was made by V. Williams, seconded by V. Jerry.  MCU.

Motion to approve minutes from the September 2 and 29, 2008 Board meetings was made by V.Jerry seconded by L. Pederson.  MCU.

V. Williams made the motion, seconded by T. Youngberg to approve the Accounts Payable/Payroll for September 2008 in the amount of $1,124,689.15   MCU.

Motion to approve items on the consent agenda as listed below made V. Jerry , seconded by L. Pederson.  MCU.
1.    Approve Contract –   Bonnie Kangas, Accompanist/Lesson Support
2.    Approve Contract –   Lawrence Schroth, Instrumental Lesson Asst.
3.    Approve Contract –   Tiffany Madsen, Home Visitor/Sch Readiness
4.    Approve Contract –   Kathy Huotari, ECFE/Spec Ed/Sch Readiness Para
5.    Approve Contract –   Lori Carusiello, Sch Readiness Asst.
6.    Approve Contract – Karen Lind, Sch Readiness Educator
7.    Approve Contract – Jenny Lind, Sch Readiness Para
8.    Approve Contract-  Michelle Petermeier, Speech/Lang Path. Asst.
9.    Approve Contract – Kimberly Tillman, Parent Educator/ ECFE Coord.
10.    Approve Contract – Sara Wolf, Sch Readiness Instructor

Motion to approve Policy 704- Maintenance of an Inventory of Fixed Assets and a Fixed Asset Accounting System made by V. Jerry, seconded by V. Williams.  MCU.

First reading for change in Policy 701.2 Fund Balance.  No action taken at this time.

Motion to approve the Assurance of Compliance with State and Federal Law Prohibiting Discrimination 
document was made by V. Jerry, seconded by V. Williams.  MCU.

Motion to accept the changes made to the Athletic Handbook for 2008-09 was made by V. Williams, 
seconded by V. Jerry.  MCU.

Expulsion resolution - Motion made by T. Youngberg:  In light of the undisputed fact that the student in 
question violated the school district weapons policy, and based on the recommendation of the school district administration, I move that we expel the student in question for a period beginning immediately and ending
 the last day of the first semester of the 2008-09 school year.  Second by V. Williams.    Roll call vote:  Ayes:  Williams, Youngberg, Pederson, Gardner, Jerry.  Nays:  None.   Motion carried unanimously.

The School Board’s Self-Evaluation was discussed.  The Board Development Committee will schedule 
a meeting to discuss the outcome.

The School Board Goals for the 2008-09 school year were discussed.  Motion to accept the goals as 
presented was made by V. Jerry, seconded by L. Pederson.  MCU.

The Resolution Directing Sale of Real Property was read by A. Gardner.  Motion to adopt the resolution 
was made by V. Jerry, seconded by T. Youngberg.  Roll call vote:  Ayes:  Williams, Youngberg, Pederson, 
Gardner, Jerry.   Nays: None.   MCU.

Jim Peters, North School Custodian, updated the board on the Energy Study he has been working on and 
handed out a list of ideas for energy saving in the school district.   He encouraged everyone to submit any
 ideas they may have on energy saving to him at North School.

Information only:  Electronic Fund Transfer of $150,000 from MSDLAF+
(MN Sch District Liquid Asset Fund) to Woodland Bank was made on 9/24/08.

Jim Erzar presented information to the school board on a proposal for the baseball team to take a trip
 in the spring of 2009 to Florida.  More information will be given at a later date.

A. Galatz, Elementary Principal reported to the board that grade level meetings were held at both elementary schools in September.  The Staff Development day was used to discuss student data on individual students and MCA test scores and MAP testing.  They plan to expand it to the area of curriculum on the next staff development day.  Becky Smith is an added resource for curriculum and her expertise will be helpful in realizing building goals in increasing Math and Science scores.   They have been working with the high school teachers as well.   The Site Team would like to do Parent Surveys to see strengths and goals and promote Parent Involvement at both elementary schools. Also increase communication with families and the board.  She mentioned that security issues at the elementary schools are going very well.  Camera and card system has been implemented at North.   Cameras are at King as well and parents/visitors have been asked to check in the office before going to a child’s classroom.

B. Colligan mentioned the goals for high school departments, AYP issues and scores.  The new attendance policy seems to be working well.   The Parent Portal system is keeping parents more intuned to their students’ attendance and school work.  Tardies are down this year as well.  Tanis Henderson, the Human Resource Officer has been keeping up with the truancy and sending letters to parents for both elementary and high school students.  He mentioned that MAP testing will be taking place at the high school next week.   He also said that lock down drills and fire drills have been going very well.  There have been many activities happening at the high school.  Sophomores have ordered class rings and seniors have ordered graduation announcements.  FCCLA hosted their regional meeting at the high school and it went very well.  Homecoming Week has been full of activities including the PEP Band going to the King School for a pep rally.  All the students enjoyed that and school spirit was great.  The Leadership Team has met and the Safety Committee has met.

Yvonne Wilson, teacher at North School, welcomed everyone to North School and mentioned happenings at North.  She had attended the MIEA Conference and shared information about that.   She thanked the PTO for their continuous support of activities and field trips for the students.  She mentioned the Artist in Residence Program and that Chad Evans had done some activities with students and will be doing more in the future.  She also mentioned the students are excited to cheer on Phil Hermel on Wednesday, October 15, 2008 as he makes his way on his Rollerbound for Rivertown adventure. 

Mark Schjenken of Nor-Tran reported that next week is National School Bus Safety Week and some activities have been planned for the students to practice emergency evacuation procedures, danger zones, loading and unloading procedures, etc.

S. Martinson mentioned many of the activities happening in the district.  He also said that a Leech Lake Tribal Flag and the Minnesota Flag will be hung in the East Gym at the High School.   There will be a winter sports coaches/families meeting set up and a doctor from the Deer River Clinic will be there to discuss nutrition and injury prevention.   He also wished to mention there will be a benefit dinner for Willie and Kathy Johnson (Willie is a football coach) at the Deer River Town Hall on October 18, 2008.  They lost their home to a fire this summer.

R. Bouchie reported on maintenance to be completed during the 2 day MEA break.  Blacktopping will be done at the parking lot at King School.   General Heating and Siemens will be here to tune the boilers.

Supt. Grose updated the board on IASC (Itasca Area Schools Collaborative) activities.  DREA (Deer River Education Association) are hosting a School Board Candidates forum on Monday, October 27, 2007 at 6:30 pm in the High School Commons.   They will be inviting all the candidates who are running for school board to come and answer questions and meet staff/community.  He mentioned that about 3000 meals were served this summer during the Summer Food Program and was very pleased with the participation in the program.   The Parent Portal system has been used frequently by parents in our district and it seems to be helping them to keep their students on task with their school work and attendance.  A copy of the Loss Control Survey was given to the board so they can see that issues have been addressed at the buildings and commended Russ Bouchie and the custodial staff on completing these projects.  The enrollment issues were discussed.  Enrollments at all the schools are down.  A workshop will be scheduled to go over data.   There will be a Meet and Confer meeting on Monday, October 20, 2008 at 3:30 pm.

Motion to adjourn made by L. Pederson, seconded by V. Williams  MCU

The next regular board meeting will be Monday, November 3, 2008 with an open forum at 5:45 PM and the regular meeting at 6:00 PM in the High School Media Center. 

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Anne Gardner, Chair                                           Victor Williams, Clerk

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