6/2/08 School Board Minutes 
written by matt grose   
tuesday, 03 june 2008 08:48

JUNE 2, 2008

The regular School Board meeting for Independent School District #317 was held June 2, 2008 at 6:00 PM in the High School Library. Chairperson, Anne Gardner, called the meeting to order and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Members in attendance included:  Anne Gardner, Lee Pederson, Victoria Jerry, Nancy Adams-Hulbert, Victor Williams and Todd Youngberg.  

Administrators present included:  Supt. Matt Grose, Carol Risberg, Business Manager, Russ Bouchie, Building and Grounds Supervisor, Jim Erzar, Activities Director and Paulette Ojanen was present as recorder.  

Motion to approve agenda as presented made by N. Adams-Hulbert seconded by L.Pederson.  Motion carried unanimously.  (MCU hereafter.)

Motion to approve minutes from the May 5 and May 13, 2008 Board meetings was made by N. Adams-Hulbert, seconded by V. Williams.  MCU.

V. Jerry made the motion, seconded by L. Pederson to approve the Accounts Payable/Payroll for May 2008 in the amount of $992,849.02.  MCU.

Motion to approve items on the consent agenda as listed below made by V. Williams, seconded by L. Pederson.  MCU.

1.    Add .5 to K-12 Music Position
2.    Accept Resignation of Tara Saxhaug
3.    Accept Resignation of Colleen Olson
4.    Accept Resignation of Darren Sheldon
5.    Approve Contract – Cathy Peck-Burley
6.    Approve Contract – Jamie Bennett

Mr. Grose expressed his thanks to Tara, Colleen and Darren for their dedication to the Deer River Schools and wished them the best of luck in the future.   They will be missed by all the students and staff.

V. Williams made the motion, seconded V. Jerry to approve the resolution establishing dates for filing affidavits of candidacy for school board.  MCU.   Expectations for board members need to be formulated to give to those filing for candidacy.  The seats up for re-election this fall are:  Anne Gardner, Victoria Jerry and Todd Youngberg.

Motion to approve renewing the membership in the Minnesota State High School League for the 2008-2009 school year was made by T. Youngberg, seconded by L. Pederson.  MCU.

N. Adams-Hulbert made the motion to approve the services contract with ARCC (Arrowhead Regional Computer Consortium) for the 2008-2009 school year, second by V. Jerry.  MCU.

Motion to approve the services contract with the Leech Lake Head Start Program for 2008-09 was made by V. Jerry, seconded by L. Pederson.  MCU.

Mr. Grose explained the Joint Powers Agreement establishing a Distance Learning Program.  A motion to approve the agreement was then made by T. Youngberg, seconded V. Williams.   MCU.

Motion to approve the AFSCME agreement July 1, 2008 – June 30, 2010 made by T. Youngberg, seconded by N. Adams-Hulbert.  MCU.  A. Gardner wished to express her thanks to all the negotiators for their efforts in the negotiation process.

Mr. Grose explained the Memo of Understanding with Nor-Tran.   Motion to approve the memo of understanding was made by V. Jerry, seconded by L. Pederson.  MCU.

Resolution approving and authorizing the execution of a lease agreement, ground lease agreement and related documents and certificates was read and explained.  Motion to approve was made by V. Williams, seconded by N. Adams-Hulbert.   All members were in favor, none opposed.   MCU.

Motion to approve the revised budget for 2007-08 as presented was made by N. Adams-Hulbert, seconded by V. Jerry.  MCU.

Motion to approve the preliminary budget for 2008-09 as presented was made by N. Adams-Hulbert, seconded by V. Williams.   C. Risberg and M. Grose explained the budgets.

The Dean of Students / Activities Director position was discussed.  A motion to direct the administration to pursue the hiring of that position as it most benefits the needs of the district was made by V. Jerry, seconded by V. Williams.  MCU.

The Wellness Policy was discussed.  This being the first reading, no action was taken at this time.

Deanna Hron reported for King School.  Interviews for teaching positions are taking place and are going well at this time.  She also expressed her sadness at the resignation of Dr. Sheldon but wished him well in his new position in East Grand Forks.

B. Colligan had provided Mr. Grose  information to give to the board regarding events at the high school.  He mentioned items addressing welcoming environment and the events that have taken place.  The Mentoring Program met nine times throughout the year and he mentioned the Site Team and the projects they have worked on.   School Safety items were listed including additional cameras, an alarm installed on back band room door, drug dog visit (no hits), lockdowns and firedrills, Threat Assessment Team and he mentioned the reliable support of local law enforcement.  He also mentioned the Applied Learning Initiative / Academics.  He mentioned the Awards Night and Letterwinners Banquet and complimented Theresa Grossell and Margie Villeneuve for their hard work in organizing those programs.

J. Erzar mentioned that weather conditions this spring hindered the outdoor activities but as schedules were changed, events worked out well even though most of them were late.   He mentioned the Band / Choir concerts were outstanding and thanks go out to Jason Thurm and Janice Burch and all the students for their hard work.   The Letterwinner Banquet was a huge success this year and thanks to everyone who organized that event.

Mark Schjenken of Nor-Tran mentioned the retirement of Marlo Maki from Nor-Tran.

R. Bouchie talked about activities in the custodial area.   Summer maintenance has begun and with the Summer Food Program beginning soon, the foodservice area will be completed first.

V. Williams commented the graduation ceremony went well.   N. Adams-Hulbert commented the spring programs all went well and appreciation goes out to those who organized everything kudos to all the band/choir participants as well.

Supt. Grose thanked Jim Erzar for his work as Activities Director.  He mentioned the Summer Food Program will be held at the high school this year beginning June 9, 2008.  The meals are available for everyone and are free for everyone ages 0-18.  A small fee is charged for those over 18.  He mentioned that IASC had applied for and received a grant for Teaching American History, which is a half a million dollar grant.  He also mentioned the Northeast Service Cooperative has applied for a Math / Science Teaching Academy Grant.   The Blandin Foundation and IASC are looking into a Native American collaboration to try and get entities together to do curriculum, administration, policies, etc.

A. Gardner donated the book “ Minnesota’s Historic Bridges” by Denis P. Gardner  (her stepson) to the Deer River High School Library.   Thank you to the Gardners for their generosity!

Jim Erzar and Dale Hedquist made comments during the Public Input section.

Motion to adjourn made by T. Youngberg, seconded by V. Williams.  MCU

The next regular board meeting will be Monday, July 14, 2008 with an open forum at 5:45 PM and the regular meeting at 6:00 PM in the Deer River High School Library. 

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Anne Gardner, Chair                                        Victor Williams, Clerk

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