4/14/08 School Board Minutes
written by matt grose   
wednesday, 16 april 2008 15:16



APRIL 14, 2008

The regular School Board meeting for Independent School District #317 was held April 14, 2008 at 6:00 PM in the North School Library. (Meeting was not held April 7, 2008 due to inclement weather.) Chairperson, Anne Gardner, called the meeting to order and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance. Members in attendance included: Anne Gardner, Todd Youngberg, Lee Pederson, Victoria Jerry and Nancy Adams-Hulbert. Absent: Victor Williams.

Administrators present included: Supt. Matt Grose, Russ Bouchie, Building and Grounds Supervisor, Darren Sheldon, Elementary Principal and Brent Colligan, High School Principal. Newspaper reporter, Mike O’Claire was in attendance and Paulette Ojanen was present as recorder.

One addition to the agenda was item 6g: Accept Resignation of Paul Miller, Dean of Students. Motion to approve agenda as amended made by T. Youngberg, seconded by L. Pederson. Motion carried unanimously. (MCU hereafter.)

Motion to approve minutes from the March 3, 2008 Board meeting was made by N. Adams-Hulbert, seconded by T. Youngberg. MCU.

V. Jerry made the motion, seconded by N. Adams-Hulbert to approve the Accounts Payable/Payroll for March 2008 in the amount of $1,110,011.93. MCU.

Motion to approve items on the consent agenda as listed below made by T. Youngberg, seconded by L. Pederson. MCU.

  1. Approve Contract for Indian Ed. Tutor, Sherwin Obey

  2. Accept Resignation of Sue Stangler, Comm. Ed. Programmer as of June 30, 2008.

  3. Accept Resignation of Mary Stangler, LD at King at the end of the 2007-08 school year.

Supt. Grose wished to extend his thanks and best wishes to Sue and Mary for their outstanding contributions to the Deer River School District.

N. Adams-Hulbert made the motion, seconded by L. Pederson to approve the purchase of Curriculum and Instructor Coordinator Services for the remainder of the school year from IASC. (Itasca Area Schools Collaborative). MCU.

Supt. Grose then explained the process for the track renovation and explained the options as they were previously presented at the January 2008 board meeting. V. Jerry made the motion to complete the track project using Short Elliot Hendrickson’s option #2 of the proposal using deferred tax dollars to secure the bids for the project. Second by L. Pederson. MCU. A motion was made by L. Pederson to enter into the agreement with Short Elliot Hendrickson with the inclusion of a maintenance plan for future upkeep on the track, second by T. Youngberg. MCU.

Motion to approve Policy 654 – Gifted & Talented (final reading) was made by N. Adams-Hulbert, seconded by T. Youngberg. MCU.

Motion to accept the resignation of Paul Miller, Dean of Students was made by T. Youngberg, seconded by V. Jerry. MCU. Supt. Grose read Mr. Miller’s letter of resignation and wished to express his gratitude for all his efforts as dean of students as well as football coach. Sean Martinson will be filling in as Dean of Students for the remainder of the school year.

Yvonne Wilson, representative of North School, welcomed everyone to North School. May 14, 2008 will be the Peace Breakfast. Deer River High School FCCLA (Family, Career & Community Leaders of America) representative, Lacey Davidson, will come and talk to the

students about Peace Week which was held at the high school. May 22, 2008 will be Environmental Day and nine stations will be set up for the students. Eagleview students will be invited to participate. Other events include a Pow-wow. Students have been working on dances and outfits. Sherwin Obey, Indian Ed. Tutor, has been working with the students and Ms. Wilson expressed her thanks for his outstanding job. She mentioned that PTO will support the school field trip on May 27, 2008 to the Tower Soudan Mine and the Wolf Center. The staff really appreciates PTO’s help with that expense and feels the students really enjoy the field trip. She also mentioned that Joanne Lemke has donated $1000 to the North School. The staff will be meeting to decide how those funds will be used.

D. Sheldon mentioned events at King School. The Carnival will be held Saturday, April 19, 2008 at King School. MCA testing begins this week and students have had the opportunity to practice on the computers. Interviews for EBD and LD positions will be scheduled for next week. He mentioned the Camp-In field trip, which was held earlier this month. Students had the opportunity to tour the Capitol and had a great experience at the Science Museum. Supt. Grose thanked D. Sheldon for setting up the trip and organizing everything. The students and chaperones had a great time.

B. Colligan explained that teachers did MCA prep work during the Late Start day on April 2. He mentioned that Destination Imagination will be going to state competition this week and stated they received the DaVinci Award for Creativity again this year. We will have students attending the FCCLA convention coming up and he mentioned the great job done in contests by the band and choir. May 3, 2008 will be the Prom. The Attendance/Retention Committee will be meeting on April 28, 2008 at 3:30 PM to share ideas. He also mentioned that several grants have been applied for, but due to the overwhelming number of schools submitting grants, we were only awarded $600.00. It hasn’t been determined yet what those funds will be used for or which project they will be applied towards. He mentioned the Master Schedule, which is being worked on and will soon be completed.

Supt. Grose updated the board on IASC (Itasca Area Schools Collaborative). A grant for history professional development has been received by IASC. (only 12 in the nation were awarded). He explained about the Joint Powers Agreement for Project Lead the Way. This is a formality which needs to be completed in order to be reimbursed for expenses incurred by teachers attending training. He mentioned the land the city is interested in and said they are still waiting for water testing results. He will be traveling to the Cities to the FCCLA Conference next week. Two of our students are officers in that organization. He mentioned the Instant Alert for Schools that we have recently installed. The feedback has been very positive and is working well. Letters will be going out to all households regarding the Instant Alert with more information and instructions. May 12, 2008, which was scheduled as a Spring Holiday will be used to make up a snow day, so there will be classes as usual on that day. A notice will go out in the newspaper and notes will be sent home. He mentioned that a $1000 Blandin Grant was awarded to the music program. He also mentioned that he attended an Indian Parent Committee meeting last week.

Mr. Jim Rossbach then made comments to the board during the Public Input section of the meeting.

Motion to adjourn made by L. Pederson, seconded by N. Adams-Hulbert. MCU

The next regular board meeting will be Monday, May 5, 2008 with an open forum at 5:45 PM and the regular meeting at 6:00 PM in the King School Library.

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Anne Gardner, Chair                                                  Victor Williams, Clerk


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