1/7/08 Board Minutes
written by matt grose   
tuesday, 08 january 2008 07:01
JANUARY 7, 2008

The regular School Board meeting for Independent School District #317 was held January 7, 2008 at 5:30 PM in the Deer River High School Library.  Chairperson Anne Gardner called the meeting to order and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Members in attendance included:  Anne Gardner, Lee Pederson, Todd Youngberg, Nancy Adams-Hulbert and Victor Williams.  Member absent:  Victoria Jerry.

Administrators present included:  Supt. Matt Grose, Brent Colligan, High School Principal, and Russ Bouchie, Building & Grounds Supervisor.   Newspaper reporter, Mike O’Claire was in attendance along with Paulette Ojanen, recorder.

Election of officers:  Motion to white ballot officers from previous year so all stays status quo made by N. Adams-Hulbert, seconded by V. Williams.   Anne Gardner remains Chairperson, Victoria Jerry remains Vice Chairperson, Todd Youngberg remains Treasurer, Victor Williams remains Clerk.  Motion carried unanimously.  (MCU hereafter).

The Designations, Authorizations and Appointments for 2008 will be as follows:

 Official district depositories:  Minnesota School District Liquid Asset Fund (MSDLAF), Northview Bank of Deer River, Woodland Bank of Deer River  (Motion V. Williams/second T. Youngberg. MCU)
                Official district publication:  Western Itasca Review.  
                (Motion by V. Williams/second N. Adams-Hulbert. MCU)
Authorize electronic transfers:  Matt Grose, Supt., Carol Risberg, Business Manager, Chery Ross, Administrative Assistant. (Motion T. Youngberg / second L. Pederson. MCU)
Authorize Supt. to utilize legal firms:  Sara Ruff, Attorney at Law; Ratwik, Roszak, Bergstrom, Maloney & Bartell; Knutson, Flynn & Deans; John Colosimo, Attorney at Law.  (Motion N. Adams-Hulbert. / second V. Williams.  MCU)
Set regular Board meetings & dates:  First Monday of the month (except September due to holiday)  at 5:45 PM Open Forum, 6:00 PM Board Meeting  in the DRHS Library with exception of April/October at North School and May/September at King School.  Changes scheduled as necessary. (motion V. Williams, second T. Youngberg. MCU)
Set school board salaries:   Current salary is $2000/yr,($2300/yr chairperson) with three absences allowed from regular meetings and a 1/12 deduction for all other absences.  School Board related absences are not included in three-absence total.  Meetings would be reimbursed at $40 per meeting with a maximum of $120 for all day meetings or over night stay.  (Motion to accept by N. A-Hulbert / second by L. Pederson. MCU)
Appoint Board negotiators:  Victor Williams, Anne Gardner, Nancy Adams.-Hulbert
Appoint Meet & Confer reps:   Vickie Jerry, Lee Pederson, Todd Youngberg
Appoint Legislative Liaison:  Anne Gardner
Appoint Rep to Community Ed Advisory Council:  Vickie Jerry
Appoint Transportation Committee:  Victor Williams, Lee Pederson
Appoint Health & Safety Committee:  Lee Pederson, Vickie Jerry
Appoint Budget & Finance Committee:  Nancy A-Hulbert, Todd Youngberg
Hire School Board Recording Secretary:  Paulette Ojanen w/Chery Ross as substitute

Changes to the agenda:  add item 7c5: Surrogate Parent Request, delete item 7c4: Approve Hiring of Jodi Grose, Long-Term Substitute.   Motion to approve agenda as amended made by N. Adams-Hulbert, seconded by L. Pederson. MCU.

Thomas Cook from Children’s Mental Health of Itasca County gave a presentation to the Board.  He provided an overview of statistics regarding children’s mental health in the U.S. and he explained the services which are provided to the students in our district.   Matt Winkels, who works with our students, was also present .

YLVC (Youth Leaders for a Vital Community) members Eva Gardner and Nora Pederson gave a presentation to the board regarding activity buses.  They have done a survey at the high school and feel an activity bus would be beneficial to students involved in activities or events after school.  They are looking for ways to fund the transportation that would not involve district dollars.  A. Gardner and N. Adams-Hulbert volunteered to help the students come up with ideas / solutions to the issue.

N. Adams-Hulbert made the motion, seconded by V. Williams to approve the December 3, 2007 minutes MCU.

Motion to approve accounts payable/payroll for December 2007 in the amount of  $956,755.41 made by V. Williams, seconded by T. Youngberg.  MCU.

V. Williams made the motion, seconded by T. Youngberg  to approve the consent agenda as listed.  MCU.   Items are as follows:
1.    Approve Hiring Rebecca Collins, Sub Kindergarten / North
2.    Surrogate Parent Request
3.    Approve Hiring Wendy Waisanen, Dance Regalia Instructor
4.    Surrogate Parent Request

Review of changes to Policy 515 in regards to Destruction and Retention of Records.  This being the first reading, no action was taken.

Motion to approve Invest Early Services Agreement with IASC (Itasca Area Schools Collaborative) and ISD #317 was made by V. Williams, seconded by T. Youngberg.  MCU.

Motion to approve Instant Alert Service Agreement made by T. Youngberg, seconded by N. Adams-Hulbert.  Supt. Grose explained that this is a program that will allow mass communication with parents, teachers, students, etc. via phone, email and text message.  We will be getting the system installed soon.  He explained also that the system is a grant funded item.   MCU.

Julie Kennedy, Project Manager, from Short, Elliott and Hendrickson Inc. handed out information regarding the proposal to complete a feasibility study for the repairs / renovations needed for the track.   She explained that the study would give different options available and cost for the track repairs.   Motion to move ahead with Short, Elliott and Hendrickson Inc. and have them provide the feasibility study and design packages and present the information at the February Board Meeting was made by V. Williams, seconded by N. Adams-Hulbert.  MCU.

V. Williams made the motion to direct the Superintendent to look into the fair market value and possible sale of a small parcel of land adjacent to the football field to the City of Deer River, second by L. Pederson. MCU.

Motion to accept the Deer River Education Association  Agreement for July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2009 was made by N. Adams-Hulbert, seconded by V. Williams.  MCU.   Supt. Grose expressed thanks to all who were involved with the negotiation process and stated the agreement was completed before the deadline date.  Deanna Hron, Teacher Representative, also expressed thanks to everyone on the negotiation committee.

Mr. Colligan handed out information regarding  the HOPE study done at the high school.   He mentioned the seven activities which are being considered for students to be able to letter in.  The seven activities are: bowling, rodeo, FCCLA, School Play, Student Council, Drum and Dance, Destination Imagination.  He will bring information to the February Board Meeting for a first reading.

Mark Schjenken from Nor-Tran stated that State Legislation may be requiring Type 3 drivers to have increased qualifications in order to receive their license.

Supt. Grose expressed thanks to Nor-Tran for volunteering to transport students from North School  to Eagleview School for tutoring.

Mr. Bouchie reported that although there weren’t many days during Christmas break to work on projects in the buildings, a lot of the cleaning was completed and he thanked his crew for all their hard work.  

L. Pederson commented on the tremendous amount of trash that accumulates in the bleachers during activities in the gym.  He suggested involving the students and/or Student Council in the clean-up during/after games.   This has been an ongoing problem for the custodial staff and the idea of making everyone more accountable for cleaning up their own trash and having assistance by the students was well received.   

N. Adams-Hulbert wished to express thanks to the music department for the outstanding concert that was presented before the holidays.  Special thanks to Mr. Thurm and Mrs. Burch for their leadership and dedication.  Everyone agreed the program was fantastic!

Supt. Grose updated the Board on IASC.  The next IASC Board meeting is Tuesday, January 8, 2008 at 5:00 PM.  He then presented certificates to Lee and Nancy from MSBA for their completion in the Phase I, II and III Training for Board Members and thanked them for their participation.  He mentioned he would like to have the Board do a complete policy review this summer.   Many policies become outdated and need to be changed or deleted.  Summer would be a good time to work on that project.  He commented on the speaker, Laura Smith, who was here for the last late start day to speak to teachers, classes and community members.  He talked about MREA (MN Rural Education Assoc.) and upcoming MSBA (MN School Boards Assoc.) opportunities available.  He also informed the board that due to the settlement of the teachers contract, the budget will need to be revised and will be brought to the February 2008 meeting.

Motion to adjourn made by T. Youngberg, seconded by V. Williams.  MCU.

The next regular school board meeting will be February 4, 2008 with an open forum at 5:45 PM and the regular meeting at 6:00 PM in the Deer River High School Library.

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Anne Gardner, Chair                                             Victor Williams, Clerk

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