12/3/07 School Board Minutes
written by matt grose   
tuesday, 04 december 2007 09:55





December 3, 2007


The regular School Board meeting for Independent School District #317 was held December 3, 2007 at 5:30 PM in the High School Library.  Chairperson Anne Gardner called the meeting to order and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Members in attendance included:  Anne Gardner, Lee Pederson, Victoria Jerry, Todd Youngberg and Nancy Adams-Hulbert .  Victor Williams arrived at 5:45 PM.


Administrators present included:  Supt. Matt Grose, Carol Risberg, Business Manager, Brent Colligan, High School Principal and Darren Sheldon, Elementary Principal.  Reporter Mike O'Claire was in attendance along with Paulette Ojanen, recorder.


Additions to the agenda: Item 6c4: Approve hiring of Amy Box as long-term sub.  Item 6e: Designate Representative to LEA (Local Education Association).  Item 6f:  Resolution to Approve the District Improvement Plan.  Motion to approve agenda as amended made by T. Youngberg, seconded by V. Jerry. Motion carried unanimously.  (MCU hereafter.)


LeRoy Winkelman provided information to the board on the upcoming Spanish III trip which is scheduled for February 16, 2008.   The board will allow Mr. Grose and Mr. Colligan to make the final decision in allowing the trip.  The trip will go as scheduled unless there are unforeseen circumstances which make it impossible prior to the planned departure date.  Mr. Grose will keep the board informed on any changes.


Motion to approve the minutes from the November 5 and November 19, 2007 Board meeting was made by N. Adams-Hulbert, seconded by T. Youngberg.  MCU.


V. Jerry made the motion, seconded by L. Pederson to approve the Accounts Payable/Payroll for November 2007 in the amount of $1,048,720.77.   MCU.


Motion to approve items on the consent agenda as listed below made N. Adams-Hulbert, seconded by L. Pederson. MCU.

                         1.   Approve Resignation of Abby Seely, Kindergarten

2.       Approve Hiring of Jamie Bennett, ISS Supervisor / Tutor

3.       Approve Retirement of Toni Gregerson as of 12/31/2007

4.       Approve Hiring Amy Box as Long-Term Substitute


Motion to approve Final 2007 Payable 2008 Levy in the amount of $898,007.41 was made by V. Jerry, seconded by T. Youngberg.  MCU.


A LEA (Local Education Association) representative must be designated for our district.  Motion to designate Anne Gardner as LEA Representative was made by N. Adams-Hulbert, seconded by V. Jerry. MCU.


Resolution to approve the District Level Improvement Plan as presented made by T. Youngberg, seconded by L. Pederson.  All members in favor of the resolution, none opposed.  MCU.


Dr. Sheldon presented information to the board regarding activities at King and North Elementary Schools. He also talked about the late start day and explained how that time is used by staff.


Mr. Colligan introduced Becca Rudquist, a member of Student Council.  She informed the board on the recent activities of the Student Council and FCCLA.   They will soon begin the 12 Days of Christmas which involves various activities including a clothing, food and toy drive.  They continue to work on the mascot issue and have conducted community meetings and will continue that process.  Peace Week was last week and was very successful.  Students participated in several activities including assemblies and creating a Peace Wall.

Mr. Colligan then gave his report to the board on other high school activities.  The school play was a success and thanks go out to those students and Mr. Thurm for their efforts.    He mentioned other events such as the Veterans Day Ceremony, Parent Teacher Conferences, Peace Week  and the upcoming 12 Days of Christmas and Student Appreciation Day which will be December 21st.   The Activities Lettering Committee met November 1st and 27th and will be bringing their goals to the board in January.   He talked about the late start day meetings the teachers were involved in and mentioned other upcoming events.

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