8/7/06 Minutes 
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August 7, 2006


The regular School Board meeting for Independent School District #317 was held August 7, 2006 at 6:00 PM in the North School Library.   Chairperson Anne Gardner called the meeting to order and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Members in attendance included:  Anne Gardner, Kathe Johnson, Victor Williams, Carl Williams, Todd Youngberg and Victoria Jerry.

 Administrators present included:  Supt. Matt Grose, Charlene DeLawyer, Elementary Principal, Brent Colligan, Assistant Principal, Russ Bouchie, Building & Grounds Supervisor, and Jim Erzar, Activities Director.   Newspaper reporter, Mike O’Claire was in attendance along with Paulette Ojanen, recorder.

 Changes to the agenda: delete item 6k. Approve Milk Bid.  Add item 6k – Activities (Concessions).  Motion to approve agenda as amended made by K. Johnson, seconded by V. Jerry.    Motion carried unanimously. (MCU hereafter).

 Supt. Grose  explained the handout regarding the revenue needs for the district and the need to pursue an operating levy in the fall.  Motion made by K. Johnson to go ahead with the operating levy with the amount to be determined at the next board meeting.  Second by V. Jerry.  Discussion was held and a workshop will be held on Monday, August 14, 2006 at 8:00 am in the high school library to work on the operating levy specifics.   MCU.


 An update on the Air Quality Project was given by Wally Schoeb of Johnson Controls.  Projects are on schedule at this time and are 85% complete.  Several rooms at the high school are complete and ready to be moved into. 

Motion to approve the minutes from the July 10 & July 17, 2006 board meetings was made by K. Johnson, seconded by V. Williams.  MCU.

 K. Johnson made the motion, seconded by V. Jerry to approve the Accounts Payable/Payroll for July 2006 in the amount of $1,870,473.16.  MCU.

 Motion to approve items on the consent agenda as listed below made by V. Jerry, seconded by T. Youngberg.  MCU.

  1. Approve Contract – Gerald White, Grant Coord/Cultural Liaison
  2. Approve DREA Severance Agreement
  3. Approve Resignation – Brent Brunetta
  4. Approve Resignation – Charlene DeLawyer
  5. Approve Resignation – Colleen  Schussman



V. Williams made the motion, seconded by T. Youngberg to approve the Student Teacher Agreement with Bemidji State University.  MCU.

 Ben Hawkins, #318 Business Manager explained the Joint Purchasing Agreement.  This agreement would allow District #317 to take advantage of cooperative purchasing options with #318.  Items such as equipment, materials, services and supplies would qualify.  Motion to approve this agreement made by K. Johnson, seconded by V. Jerry. MCU.

 Motion made by V. Williams, seconded by T. Youngberg to set the Truth in Taxation date for November 29, 2006 at 5:00 PM in the Deer River High School Library with a continuation date of December 11, 2006 at 5:00 PM in necessary.  MCU.

 K. Johnson made the motion, seconded by T. Youngberg to approve the final reading of the Elementary Teacher and Student Handbooks for the 2006-2007 School year.   MCU.

 First reading of Policy 219 was held. 

 Mr. Colligan explained the changes to the High School Teacher and Student Handbooks.  This being the first reading, no action was taken.

 Mr. Erzar explained the changes to the Athletic Handbook.  The only changes being the increase in fees for activities.  Final approval will be at the next meeting.

 Discussion was held regarding the concessions at athletic events.   Motion by T. Youngberg to have groups get volunteers to work concessions and have all proceeds returned to the athletic budget.  Any profit beyond the $4500 (amount needed to meet budget) at the end of the year will be divided equally among all activities.  Second by K. Johnson.  Motion carried with 5 ayes, 1 nay.

 Mrs DeLawyer reported that summer work for staff development has been going well.  She has scheduling changes ready for the transition for new elementary principal.  She expressed thanks to the board and the staff for their continued support over the past eight years.

 Mr. Colligan reported that he has been working on the Crisis Management Plan.

 Mr. Grose reported that progress at the high school is on schedule.  Teachers have been coming in.  Also expressed thanks to Charlene, Brent and Colleen on their dedicated service to ISD #317 and wished them all good luck on their new adventures.

 Board members also expressed thanks to those staff members who are pursuing new positions and wished them continued success.

 Mr. Grose forwarded a thank you from Gwenn Smith in regards to the use of the athletic field for the Brad Smith Memorial Track Meet.  He reported that a full slate has been filled for the board election coming up in November.  He mentioned that a position on the ARCC board will be open when Kathe Johnson is no longer on the board.  Vicki Jerry volunteered to take that position.   Reminder to board members regarding the MSBA training being held soon.

 Motion to adjourn was made by V. Williams, seconded by T. Youngberg.  MCU.


The next regular school board meeting will be Tuesday,  September 5, 2006 at 6:00 PM in the High School Library.


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Anne Gardner, Chair                                      Victor Williams, Clerk

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