7/10/06 Minutes 
monday, 24 july 2006 15:09

July 10, 2006
The regular School Board meeting for Independent School District #317 was held July 10, 2006 at 6:00 PM in the North School Library. Chairperson Anne Gardner called the meeting to order and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance. Members in attendance included: Anne Gardner, Kathe Johnson, Victor Williams, Carl Williams, Todd Youngberg and Victoria Jerry.
Administrators present included: Supt. Matt Grose, Carol Risberg, Business Manager, Charlene DeLawyer, Elementary Principal, Russ Bouchie, Building & Grounds Supervisor, Mark Curtiss, Technology Coordinator and Jim Erzar, Activities Director. Newspaper reporter, Mike O’Claire was in attendance along with Paulette Ojanen, recorder.
Changes to the agenda: Add item 6g : 1st reading of Student Handbooks for King and North. Motion to approve the agenda as amended made by V. Williams, seconded by K. Johnson. Motion carried unanimously. (MCU hereafter).
Supt. Grose explained information regarding the high school schedule and credit requirement change.
Motion to accept the changes as presented made by C. Williams seconded by T. Youngberg. MCU.
Motion to approve the Resolution Relating to $1,000,000 General Obligation Aid Anticipation Certificates of Indebtedness, Series 2006A; Authorizing the Issuance, Awarding the Sale and Establishing the Terms Thereof made by V. Williams, seconded by K. Johnson. Roll call vote: Ayes: Gardner, Johnson, Youngberg, Jerry, V. Williams, C. Williams. Nays: none. MCU (a full, signed resolution will be made part of the official minutes.)
Gary Kawlewski of Ehler’s Associates handed out information and explained Operating Levy options to the board. After much discussion, C. Williams made the motion to move forward in the process of gathering further information on pursing an operating levy and to have Mr. Grose compile a list of priorities of the needs of the district to be brought to the August meeting, motion seconded by V. Williams. MCU.
Motion made by V. Jerry, seconded by V. Williams to approve the Attachment 99 Performance Criteria as presented. This process insures that our district continues to place a high priority on health and safety issues. MCU.
Motion made by V. Williams to approve financing of the Energy Savings Performance Contract and Capital Expenditures items which are not covered under the facilities bonding project through Citigroup with an interest rate of 4.65% (amount to finance $310,000, interest amount will be $81,167.40 payable in 20 payments at 2 payments per year) second by V. Jerry. MCU.
An update on the Air Quality Project was given by Joe Larrabee and Wally Schoeb of Johnson Controls and Russ Bouchie. Projects are on schedule at this time. King School should be completed by the end of July and the High School is estimated to have substantial completion by August 20. Classes will resume on schedule. Thanks were expressed to the board for allowing the extra week at the end of the 2005-06 school year and felt the project had a great “head start” because of it.
Motion to approve the minutes from the June 5, 2006 board meeting was made by C. Williams, seconded by T. Youngberg. MCU.
K. Johnson made the motion, seconded by V. Jerry to approve the Accounts Payable/Payroll for June 2006 in the amount of $1,093,690.04. MCU.
Motion to approve items on the consent agenda as listed below made by V. Jerry, seconded by C. Williams. MCU.


  1. Approve Legal Services Contract w/Intermediate District 287
  2. Approve Children’s Mental Health Contract
  3.  Approve Contract – M. Motherway (.8 Industrial Arts)
  4. Approve Contract – S. Geisler (Science)
  5. Approve Contract – D. Marleau (Math)
  6. Approve Contract – S. Stangler (Comm. Ed. Adult Programmer / Clerical)
  7. Approve Contract – L. Evans ( Comm. Ed. Youth Programmer)
  8. Approve Contract – A. Ledermann (.6 LD)
  9. Approve Contract – P. Hermel (ISS / Tutor)
  10. Approve Contract – S. Martinson (Ed Tech Consultant)
  11. Approve Invest Early Employee Contracts

V. Williams made the motion, seconded by V. Jerry to approve the AFSCME 2006-2008 contract as presented. MCU. Mr. Grose expressed his thanks to all who participated in negotiations.
After lengthy discussion regarding the extra-curricular budget, a motion was made by C. Williams to pursue Option 3 of the presented proposals with the following changes: Increase fees for activity participation: Jr. High fees will increase from $50 to $60 per activity, Sr. High fees will increase from $75 to $100 per activity with the family cap remaining the same at $300 per year and groups running concessions at events will give a portion (to be determined by Supt. & Activities Director) of the profit per event to the extra-curricular program (until the budgeted amount of $4500 has been met) and keep any remaining profit, thus saving the Cross Country Running program from being cut from the budget. Motion seconded by K. Johnson. Motion carried with 5 ayes, 1 nay.
Second reading of MSBA (MN School Board Association) Policies was held. V. Williams made the motion, seconded by K. Johnson to approve final adoption of policies 103, 205, 206, 208, 212, 406, 413, 414, 416, 420, 425, 501, 503, 506, 509F, 514, 515, 516, 524, 525, 527F, 530, 533, 601, 602, 606, 607, 608, 611, 612.1, 613, 615, 616, 618, 624, 707, 709, 801, 801F, 802 and withdraw policies 613F, 612, 615F. MCU.
Mrs. DeLawyer explained the handbook changes to the board. This being the first reading, no action was taken.
Motion to approve the authorization of electronic transfers by Mr. Grose was made by V. Williams, seconded by C. Williams. MCU.
Mrs DeLawyer reported the construction project was going well at King and commended the work crew on their progress and stated the working environment has been very pleasant during the project.
Mr. Grose reported the High School construction project is also going well. A few students will be coming in next week for BST testing. He shared Impact Aid information with the board and stated there are no significant changes at this time. A Boys/Girls Club having a host site in Deer River is a possibility in the near future. Shared technology support with the Greenway School District will begin this fall. Mark Curtiss will be working with both districts and Sean Martinson will also be providing technology assistance in both districts. He explained the Title I Part D Neglected & Delinquent Youth funds, which are generated due to our district having Foster/Group Homes. These funds assist with student achievement and academic transition. An Emergency Response & Crisis Management Grant has been applied for which is county-wide. It involves preplanning for crisis situations. Mr. Grose encouraged board members to attend MSBA trainings, which are coming up in August. He also mentioned that Phil Hermel is taking on a fundraising project to rollerblade 50 miles. He’ll get pledges and donate the funds raised to the extra-curricular budget. His goal is $1000. Thanks Phil!
Mr. Jim Rossbach spoke during the Public Input section in regards to the operating levy.
Motion to adjourn was made by V. Williams, seconded by K. Johnson. MCU.
The next regular school board meeting will be August 7, 2006 at 6:00 PM in the North School Library.
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Anne Gardner, Chair                                Victor Williams, Clerk

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