ESS Instructions for IASC and Invest Early employees

ESS Website:

Pay – displays an entry for each pay date and the net pay received on that date. 

To display detail about a particular pay date, click on either the date or the net pay amount.  This will display a separate window showing pay related information that is typically on a check or direct deposit form.

Leave – displays current up-to-date leave balances.
To see detail by leave plan, click on the individual plan name.  

Year to Date – displays calendar year to date totals for all pays, deductions, and taxes.  To see detail for a previous year, click on the drop down box next to the year. 

W4 Info – displays current W4 information, which is the basis for how SMART HR calculates income tax withholding.  

Teacher Licensure Info – displays licensure information that has been entered in SMART HR. 
Notice, there is also a link to allow the employee to connect to the MN Dept of Education to see what licensure information is on file at the state.  Another browser page will open and bring the employee directly to their licensure information at MDE. 

Change Password – allows an employee to change his/her unique password whenever they choose.

Logout – when an employee is finished, he/she should click on Logout to end the session.  If the employee does not log out, it is possible that someone else could view the data.
  • Each employee will be assigned a unique user ID # and an initial password.
  • User ID is your employee number – Located on your current paystub
  • Password is initially the last four digits of your Social Security #
  • The employee will then have the ability to change his/her password at any time.          **Recommended that passwords are changed by the employee during the 1st month**
  • Immediately after an individual does a successful login, the net pay detail is displayed.