History of the Ojibwe People
Land lived on by the Ojibwe peoples
The history of the Ojibwe in the United States of America (i.e. Anishinaabe, Chippewa) is a colorful, beautiful and often tragic tale. From war and betrayals, to boarding schools and broken promises, to beautiful art and culture, this page includes some articles and essays on that rich history. 

Brief history of Battle Point
Battle Point was the last armed conflict between United States Military and a Native American Tribe, essentially closing out the decades long Indian Wars.

Brief History of Native American Boarding Schools
This essay tells some of the history of government and religious run boarding schools in the United States and Canada.

History of Chippewa National Forest
An interesting essay on the formation of the Chippewa National Forest

Location and Migration of the Ojibwe
Essay on the movement of the Ojibwe peoples throughout Canada and the United States

NA Boarding schools
More histroy on the Native American Boarding schools