Links to other Anishinaabe Ed. programs & Scholarship sites & Cultural related media
  • GLIFWC provides resources for eleven Great Lakes Ojibwe tribes and is based out of Wisconsin. GLIFWC deals with conservation, education and legal assistance in tribe's dealings with natural resources. 
  • The National Museum of the American Indian is a branch of the Smithsonian Institute. Based out of Washington D.C. with a branch in New York City, the NMAI provides education to the public about tribes in the continental U.S., Hawaii' and Alaska.

  • Bug-O-Ne-Ge-Shig School was founded in 1975 as a more culturally focused school to educate students from and around the Leech Lake reservation. Located just East of Cass Lake, the school serves 200+ students and is maintained by the Leech Lake tribal government and a elected school board.
  • American Indian Services provides scholarship opportunities for students seeking higher education. Minnesota schools can be found listed here.

  • Minnesota Indian Scholarship provides scholarships for Native Americans pursuing higher education. MIS provides up to $4000 for undergraduate students ($6000 for graduate students) a year. Highly recommended for any student looking at colleges, universities or trade schools.

  • The Ways is a ongoing project that tells stories of Great Lakes Ojibwe peoples through multi-media. Interesting videos on language, hunting/gathering and how it intertwines with modern Native Americans.

  • University of Minnesota- Duluth and the University of Minnesota both have great resource centers for Native American students. Both campuses have courses in Ojibwe Language and Culture.

  • KUMD's Ojibwe Stories is a once monthly program which showcases Ojibwe story tellers and news from the Ojibwe reservations in and around Minnesota. Produced by University of Minnesota-Duluth's student run radio and it's American Indian Studies program.

  • Ojibwe Language Apps
Here are some apps designed to teach the Ojibwe language via a modern style application available on tablets and smart phones:

Ojibway App [Free] [Apple Store] . 

Ojibway [Free] [Google Store/Android]

"Learn to speak Ojibway using professional quality audio, pictures, syllabics. Learn about the history and maps of the Ojibway. Listen to the ancient languages of the Native American and First Nation people. The spoken word allows you to finally listen to common words and phrases helping you to speak Ojibway with proper pronunciation. Also, learn about the Ojibway people, famous Ojibways, Treaties and more! Listen to important phrases like “greetings”, “numbers”, “weather”, “family relations” and more. Learn to write basic Syllabics as well."

Ojibwe Language [Free][Apple ONLY]

Must click "Download this file" on website linked. Free app only available for iOS/Apple devices

Anishinaabemowin, Ojibway [Android][$8.49]

For Android devices, this app provides similar experience as the above listed. This is app is a little more sleek and in-depth than it's free counter parts.